Juma's Farm depends upon the generosity of its "Piggie Pals" in order to operate. As an all-volunteer agency, each year we must cover upwards of $50,000 in expenses.

Juma's Farm is a registered non-profit (tax id # 85-1342055).

100% of all monies contributed go directly to the care of these incredible animals.

  • $250 will pay for a single pig's annual exam (vaccines, wormer, tuck and hoof trim, physical exam under conscious sedation).

  • $100 will cover the cost of the pigs feed for a day.

  • $50 will buy 100 pounds of juicing carrots the pigs snack on.

  • $25 will buy a pig two clean blankets.

  • $10 will buy a 20# bag of juice carrots to share with friends

Other Ways to Contribute

Juma's Farm accepts in-kind donations of:

  • Blankets (preferably thick ones like afghans or comforters.

  • Old towels

  • Tarps

  • Animal feed (specifically for chickens, pigs, or llamas).

Please email us at if you have any of the above items to donate.