Potbelly Pig and Friends Rescue

Juma's Potbelly Pig Rescue center accepts vulnerable pot belly pigs and farm friends into a welcoming and caring environment. Animals on our farm have access to open pasture and heated shelter. We love all of our animals as cherished family members. We provide a permanent home for unwanted, neglected, abused babies including those whose parents are simply unable to care for them any longer and wish their loved-ones to live in an animal paradise here on Earth.

We are located outside of Woodburn, Oregon and have been taking in pot belly pigs since 2003. We also accept their companions including what I call my "Menopausal Mamas", hens who no longer lay and so are no longer desired despite their tireless years of work. We also have plenty of "hot-stuff" roosters inherited by city-folks expecting hens and unable to keep them because of city ordinances. The pigs' companions have also included goats, ducks, rabbits, geese, llamas, ferrets, the usual barn cats, a cow and a peacock. Everyone lives together (mostly!) in harmony frequently sleeping together.

Dorthea awaiting her treat

Fun in one of the side pastures

The pigs are so generous to share grass with the Llamas

We have an excellent farm vet, Dr Blake, who makes the necessary routine and emergency visits to the rescue. Given that many of the piggies and other critters received are in poor health they understandably need a lot of medical care plus the prerequisite love and attention needed to recuperate.

While ultimately deciding on family practice and care of humans I originally studied wildlife biology and try to keep up with all of the newest information on pot belly pigs and am happy to share my knowledge with any pot belly pig owners who wish to provide appropriate care. Please check out my education pages. Should you be interested in contacting me about your animal joining my flock, please contact my email at contact@jumasfarm.org.

As a fully non-profit organization we appreciate any one time or recurring support you may be able to provide. See donation page to provide a donation via PayPal with options available. We are always in need of blankets (in any condition) for bedding. You may also wish to make a donation in honor of one of your own departed babies and I will place photos of your baby on our In Memorium page as a reminder that all our children play together on the other side.

Our animals bless (and count!) on your generosity!

Enjoying the mud pool created by the piggies in spite of having a swim pool available!

Tavi and Favi making use of the pigs' pool

Goose Tavi thought that having her nest in the pig sleeping quarters was a great idea!

Ellie-Mae posing prettily in the pasture and later in the pool

Three little piggies snuggled up their blankies (green one pulled taut across for sake of the photograph)

Clockwise from left: Rufus awaiting a carrot in the barn, Georgina sunbathing in the pasture, Priscilla and Dorthea out for a walk


Arcana awaiting a shearing. My pigs love laying in the wool afterwards.


Glad that Spring has arrived and they can forage in the grass

Lounging in the pig nest for a midday nap

One of the resident rabbits playing with my cat Robin

Ducks and chickens checking out the pig sleeping quarters

Friends hanging out on the back porch eating cat food

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Friends of the pigs, Sadie, Sissy and Gracie

Group photo

Awaiting treats

Priscilla decides to sleep inside and get individual attention for a belly rub

Rooting for something yummy

One of the resident roosters bought by city-folks who were expecting hens